Waiting for anything (Promotion at work, a major breakthrough in business, a baby after years of marriage, a God ordained life partner) can be extremely difficult.... extremely frustrating. It often leads to depression, feelings of hopelessness.... and restlessness.

Prov 13:12 : Hope deferred makes the heart sick ......Waiting really does make the heart sick!

Often times in my quiet and not so quiet times with God, my Father I have asked repeatedly ..."when? when? when ? Why is it taking so long....When is this Special soul mate going to show up?"And he answers repeatedly,  my daughter, I knowwwwwww....WAIT.

As the years pass by, I know beyond a shadow of doubt that it is these seasons of Waiting (if done properly) that we GROW .

It is in Waiting that we get to know God more intimately and finally begin to realise that this journey of Life is ALL about God and our relationship with HIM.

These are some of the things I have learnt in my season of waiting:

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS: God has done so so many other things outside that particular longing, desire, prayer request. God is Faithful. If he has brought us this far, why should we doubt that he'll lead us to our expected end?

We're often like the Israelites murmuring,  wandering around in the desert, so quickly forgetting how God Miraculously led them out of Egypt and across the Red sea.

We must hold on and Trust God!


Make a list of things you love, enjoy doing and do them!

Do you want to climb a particular mountain....do it! Do you want to watch the latest movie but no one to go with ....go alone! Do you want to learn to play golf, swim, travel, eat exotic meals, visit Israel with your Church family, sky dive, ride a camel in Egypt, visit Mandela's Cell in Cape town....do it!

Your list keeps you in touch with who you are, your unique personality,  the passions that make you Happy , the fears & challenges you'll like to overcome. 

I know for sure that EVEN in waiting and wondering, our hearts can still be alive, happy and growing!


Psalm 46:10 " Be Still and Know that I am God"

God is inviting people in his 'Waiting Room " to Trust and Rest in his Promises. He is calling us into a deep relationship with him, inviting us to get to know his heart and his character. He is speaking to us of his love and of his delight in us.

We tend to spend our time worrying, running from one prayer mountain/meeting to the other. It is only when we step back from all that activity, stay still, REST that our thirsty soul is actually satisfied and at peace.

Be Still and know that he is God. HE makes ALL things Beautiful in HIS time!

Pastor Siju Iluyomade