You immediately get the feeling of paradise – if there is any – as you pass through the gates of Tinapa resorts. Planted in a serene environment close to the Calabar river, the resort is a little country of everything awesome. From the different exhilarating fun facilities available for leisure to the retail and wholesale shops and warehouses available for business on both a small and large scale, Tinapa excitingly integrates business and leisure into one giant wonder-town!

Most times you might be looking to go on a vacation and not have to visit several places just so you can have fun and also shop for quality products. Well, Tinapa resorts save you the time and money by bringing all your needs and fetish to one big location. However, you’ll definitely need some tips on what to do and where to go when you visit, so you don’t have to miss out on anything. Keep reading to learn more.

History of Tinapa Resort

Tinapa Business And Leisure Resort were initiated by ex-Governor of  Cross Rivers State, Donald Duke with a clear goal of boosting the state’s economy and also as a medium of tourism. Since its commissioning in 2007, the resort has steadily risen to top the list of tourist destinations in the country, while the fact that it operates a trade free zone, makes it the perfect place to shop for quality goods and materials.

Best Time to Visit Tinapa Resort

  • Visiting the reserve early in the day is advisable because it gives you the opportunity to take explore all the fun facilities or window shop as long as you want. However, if you just can’t get enough of Tinapa, you can decide to lodge at the Tinapa Lakeside Hotel.
  • Festive periods and public holidays are great times for visiting the facility, due to the favorable weather around these times. The weather during the dry season is very suitable for a family trip to the business and leisure resort.


How to Get to Tinapa Resort

 Tinapa is a 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) drive from Calabar by a roundabout route. There are cabs in the city that can take you to the location. Although, the Federal government is building a more direct 2.5 kilometers (1.6 mi) access road to link it with the city.

Things to do at Tinapa Resort

  • Treat your kids to major undiluted fun at the Games Arcade. Ranging from the Ocean Bomber to the mini basketball court, or a game of Ice Hockey, the excitement never stops.
  • Go window shopping and take in the vast array of displays of world-class brands; ranging from designer labels, perfumes, Electronics, Fabrics, Jewelry, Household furniture, and Accessories, up to Art and Craft Souvenirs.
  • Hangout at the Tinapa Waterpark, which comprises of adult and children pools, fascinating water games and thrilling slides
  • If you are a sucker for shopping, you could take advantage of the over 54 retail outlets and 4 huge emporia that offer different products and services at the Tinapa Shopping Complex.
  • Surf in the Lazy River or better still reclines at the Fisherman’s Wharf that just overlooks the artificial lake in the scenery.
  • You can enjoy your choice of beverages and drinks while trying out the local delicacies for which Calabar is famous


How Much Will Your Visit to Tinapa Resort cost?

Depending on the nature of your visit, different costs might arise; You might need to purchase special coins at the resort to be able to use the fun facilities. Excursions and group outings also attract different facilities. For more info on this, check the top of this article for contact details.

Fun Facts about Tinapa Resort

  • There is a film studio(Nollywood) located within the Tinapa Business Resort that offers first-class production and post-production support services to film, television and music producers using the best equipment available in the industry.
  • The resort is regarded as a Free Trade Zone, i.e no customs duties are applied on imports into the zone. Consequently, the prices of goods sold within the zone are the lowest in the country.
  • Shopping in Tinapa is fun and easy with the Tinapa Debit Card, as no physical cash is required.
  • Lodge in the amazing Tinapa Lakeside Hotel located just beside the man-made Tinapa Lake which has been designed with both the business traveler and the family in mind.
  • There is an open exhibition area for trade exhibitions and other events.


Author: Trust (Content-writer and web enthusiast - Hotels.ng)