The perspectives of young Women differ when this question comes up, most times the answers to the question are molded by experiences, teachings and dreams. Most times the answers evolve as the individual grows, as We grow older Our desires, wants and needs keep changing, the things We once thought We would never live without become very optional, no longer do or die.

Most young Women would say they never want to make costly mistakes the Women in the generations before them made, they aspire to be better, to do better, to be greater in almost everything. At every stage of growth, the question is recurring, there is never one definite answer to this question. It might change every 6, 12 or even 24 months.

The first thing on a right thinking young Woman’s mind is Her career, We want to do the things the Women in time past could not do, We want to be on equal playing fields with Men, We want to be respected and our achievements never belittled because We are Women. Striving for excellence is mostly what the better part of us think about. A good career transcends into financial stability, there is a satisfaction that comes with being able to meet your needs, take care of yourself and look great while doing it right? We want to surpass limits and do things Women are told they cannot do.

In terms of relationships, this is no longer a do or die affair. If it comes, it comes and if it doesn’t, many us are content with being alone. There is no shame in not being married anymore. It does bother some people and it doesn’t bother some others. The focus is different now. However, what We expect first is someone better than our Fathers, someone whose Daughter will be proud enough to say, “I want to be with a Man like my Father”. Many of us cannot say that and this means the foundation is faulty. How do you explain to another person’s Son how you want to be treated when some Fathers don’t set an example, subconsciously your mind is programmed to accept certain things as normal, this drives us into unhealthy relationships.

If we do manage to get one of the few good Men, some of us are willing to sacrifice and love unconditionally still not being gullible in the process. It is a give and take situation. If it takes 100% to make things work, then we are expecting each party to put in their 50 %. Nobody is ready to baby anyone or be an enabler with poor attitudes.

What do We want out of life? Peace of mind, happiness, looking good in sound health as We get older, a phenomenal career, money and lots of it and finally love if it comes naturally….

In conclusion in a month from now, these answers may change depending on the experience life throws at Us, but the most constant in these answers will always be all except Love which may or may not happen!!!