MENTORING - Titilayo Olujobi

MENTORING - Titilayo Olujobi

Characteristics of a good mentor


  1. 1. The mentor must have a wealth of experience in the area in which mentorship
    is required and must be seen as a positive role model in his/her sphere of
    expertise. The mentor must exhibit the skills and behaviours required to excel
    in that field
  2. 2. The mentor must be willing to invest time in the less experienced individual
    (i.e. the mentee),sharing skills, knowledge and expertise
  3. 3. The mentor must be available and approachable
  4. 4. The mentor should have good listening skills and be able to communicate
    what he/she knows
  5. 4. The mentor must value learning and growth of the mentee.


Qualities of a good mentee


  1. 1. Willingness to learn
  2. 2. Openness to instruction
  3. 3. Good team player
  4. 4. Positive attitude
  5. 5. Respect for the mentor


In conclusion, Mentoring is an intentional relationship between people with an
agenda designed to impart specific learnings from the mentor to the mentee. It is not
just two people coming together to spend time discussing various issues.

It is often long-term in nature and the expected results may take time to manifest. Both the mentor and the mentee should be patient and prepared to be in it for the long haul.

[By: Titilayo Olujobi]