Address: Lekki Conservation Centre Road, Lekki Phase II, Lekki, Lagos
Open Hours: 8:30am – 5:00pm
Gate Fee: N1000

The Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos is one of the best nature reserves in Nigeria. This conservation and relaxation center offers a breath of fresh air and an escape from the forever buzzing city of Lagos.  The 21-year-old conservation center cum nature hub, which covers an area of 78 hectares, is run and managed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF).Generally regarded as an icon of nature conservation, Lekki Conservation Centre represents the flagship project of Nigeria Conservation Foundation for the preservation of unique biodiversity, scenic, natural, scientific recreational values of the coastal environs of western Nigeria.

If you love Mother Nature and adventure, Lekki Conservation Centre is the place for you.

History of Lekki Conservation Centre

Since its establishment in 1990 by the Nigeria Conservation Foundation, the Lekki Conservation Centre has emerged to become one of Africa’s most conspicuous modern nature parks, known for its diversity.

What is the Best Time To Visit Lekki Conservation Centre?

The Dry Season is always the best to time to visit Lekki Conservation Centre if you want to derive maximum fun. Thus, the period between November and March is the best time to visit this relaxation centre, as the dry season falls within this period. In the event that you visit the Lekki Conservation Centre during the rainy season, be prepared to get your feet wet because of the mini moody walkways. As such, it would be ideal and safer if you wear comfortable footwear like sandals or trainers, not slippers or heels, especially if you want to get on the canopy.

How to Get to Lekki Conservation Centre

  • By Air: In the event that you’re coming by air, board an airplane from anywhere in Nigeria to the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos. From the terminal, board a taxi straight to the Lekki Conservation Centre.
  • By Land (Public/private transport): From anywhere you are in Lagos, you can board a taxi to this relaxation center. Alternatively, if you want to go there by intra-city bus, board a bus to either Obalende or CMS Park. From any of these locations, board a bus heading to Lekki/Ajah, stop at Chevron Bus stop and walk to the centre.

Things to do at Lekki Conservation Centre


The Lekki Conservation centre has a lot of interesting places you can visit and things you can do, some of which include; Tree House, Nature Station, Bird Hide, Swamp Lookout Station, Rotunda, 96-Seater Gazebos, Koi & Tilapia ponds, Beach Volleyball courts & Spectators’ pavilion, Barbecue joints, and gym facilities.

1. Take a Walk on the Canopy Walkway

The Lekki Conservation Centre canopy walkway is a picturesque attraction and the longest in Africa. Constructed by 13 Nigerians and supervised by two Canadians, the 401m Canopy walkway launched in 2015 is not a climb for the timid. Climbing this bridge will sure bring out the other side of you, especially if you’re a lady.

With entry and exit portals that connect six towers, it treats visitors to a unique and memorable experience. Visitors get to explore the park and get an aerial view of the various habitat types. While climbing, take precaution to stay close to other climbers and avoid looking down if you’re scared of heights. With a token fee of 1000 Naira, you will be afforded the opportunity of taking this canopy walk, albeit taking the canopy walkway is not allowed when it’s raining. You should know that only visitors within the 14 -65 age range are allowed on the Canopy Walkway.

2. Play a Game of Chess


After a captivating climb of the Canopy walkway, play chess and other games at this recreational centre. The chess board just like the Snake and ladder board as well as the Ludo board is designed on the floor with 16 big pieces. At this point your ability to be a good player is not really paramount; just play it for the vast size and for the purpose of fun. I mean that’s part of the essence of visiting the Lekki Conservation Centre right?

3. Have a Picnic at the Gazebos

The shed made of raffia is a cool place to relax, rejuvenate, and recover your strength. At these mini huts which are above eight in number, you can have a picnic or that romantic moment with your partner. These sheds would afford the opportunity of enjoying the warmth of the breeze. You could make the Lekki Conservation Centre the destination for your next romantic getaway or family outing. You will be happy that you did, as this family park is a top-notch relaxation haven that offers nature walks, picnic & sporting facilities.

4. See the giant 95-year old turtle as well as Other Animals

Wouldn’t it be a thrilling experience seeing a 95-year-old tortoise? Visiting the Lekki Conservation Centre would afford the opportunity to enjoy this memorable experience. The turtle roams freely as it has a very slow pace, which makes it possible for tourists and visitors to take selfies. You will feel the strong and powerful shell of the turtle that is if you are lucky that it comes out during the period your visit. It is a wonderful sight to behold! There also other animals at this reserve like Monkeys, the beautiful Peacock, crocodiles, and snakes. If you’re lucky the animals come out during your period of visit, you will have a feel of them or even feed them.

How Much Will A Visit To Lekki Conservation Centre Cost?

A visit to the Lekki Conservation Centre shouldn’t cost you a fortune as the Nigerian Conservation Centre has made it relatively affordable for tourists and visitors. Find below a list of the Entry fees at the Lekki Conservation Centre:

  • Gate fee for adults – N1,000
  • For children (ages 1-10) – N200
  • For teens ( ages 11-17) – N300
  • Walkway Trek fee – N1,000
  • Canopy Walk: N1,000  per head (Excluding entrance fee)


Author: Trust (Content-writer and web enthusiast - Hotels.ng)