Ikaare Island, near Victoria Island, Lagos
Open 24 Hours
Lodging fee: 
Contact number:  01-8168174, 08100000467

Kamp Ikare Beach Resort, owned by  Anuradha Mahbubani, is the perfect holiday spot. If you are looking for some solitude, a romantic get away, or a place for a family retreat, this location with its rustic beauty with modern touches is perfect for you. The resort is situated in a coastal village called Ikaare, which is accessible only by boat. The resort has a main communal beach house with 6 duplex cabins positioned around a swimming pool and just metres from the sea.

How to Get to Kamp Ikaare Beach Resort

To get to Kamp Ikaare Beach Resort, you will need to board a speedboat. The journey would take approximately 45 minutes from Lagos mainland and 25 minutes from Victoria Island. To make arrangement for your boat ride to the resort, you may wish to contact the Resort with the phone number given above.

Best Time to Visit Kamp Ikaare Beach Resort

You can visit anytime! The truth is Kamp Ikare is the best-kept secret in Lagos. Unlike most of the beach resorts, it’s not easy to get to. This means, there’s hardly ever a large crowd there. The only thing you need to be wary of is planning a visit to the resort during the rainy season.

In Lagos, the rains some between late April and early September. It’s particularly rainy in June and July. Of course, you know that mixing rain and beach relaxation never blends well.

When it’s not raining, you can plan your visit. You have the option of spending an afternoon at the resort or lodging there for a couple of days. Either way, you’ll have a great time.

What to Wear to Kamp Ikaare Beach Resort

Remember that the resort can only be accessed by boat. You’ll need to dress appropriately for that, so you may want to dress in shorts, sunshades and a scarf or cap while on the boat to the reserve. While at the reserve, you can dress in your bikini, beach shorts or however you feel like. This is your beach retreat after all, and you should do what makes you the most relaxed.

Things to do at Kamp Ikaare Beach Resort

What better way to wake up than to the sound of the ocean. A day or night at Kamp Ikare is the ideal way to get away from the buzz of Lagos without having to go too far. At the Resort, there are so many ways to spend your day.


A home-cooked lunch is included in the resort’s entry fee. If you choose to lodge in the resort, you’ll get a complimentary breakfast as well. The Resort restaurant is always available to you if you are feeling peckish. Local and continental delicacies are available.

Water Sports

At Kamp Ikaare Beach Resort, you can play a game of volleyball, go on a jet skiing adventure or enjoy a leisurely boat ride around the Ikare Island.


There are different accommodation types in Kamp Ikare and some of them include;

  • the Kamp Ikare Luxury accommodation consisting of 2 suites
  • Features Moroccan style rooms located on the Penthouse floor of the Kamp
  • Kamp Kot which is cosy and perfect for a solo retreat

Swim and Lounge

There is a swimming pool with a Miami-style lounge, bar and grill right beside it.  You can enjoy a relaxing swim or by the pool with drinks and some kebabs, grilled to perfection.

How Much Would a Visit Kamp Ikaare Beach Resort Cost?

To find out how a visit would cost, you will have to contact the Kamp Ikaare Resort staff, with the phone numbers provided earlier. Remember the resort is a secret, the resort management has ensured that everything about their establishment is kept low-key until you get there.


Author: Trust (Content-writer and web enthusiast - Hotels.ng)