Anna asked:
May 10th, 2017 16:23:39

As a woman who works with her husband, how do you discover and pursue your purpose, given the fact that you are expected to give your hundred percent attention to the family business?

My husband and I share the same vision which is to improve the quality of Healthcare in Nigeria. We work together in developing our various healthcare companies, even though our primary responsibilities may be in different aspects.
My husband has supported me in any area I have chosen to develop. My particular passion is for promoting preventive healthcare for Nigerians through medical education and I have hosted the Doctors on air radio program on Wednesdays for over 6 years.
The program has well over 6 million listeners and was originally aired on Classic 97.3FM in Lagos, but has now been extended to Abuja and Port Harcourt. We have had so many wonderful testimonies of how it has positively impacted people’s lives.