Anonymous asked:
May 10th, 2017 16:23:39

As a passionate educator, who is trying to put together a library, how do I get a loan to complete the library? BOI has stated that books are not valuable nor can I use them as a basis for security on any loan (guarantee). Other commercial banks have asked me to abandon education and commence on agriculture in order to get financing that qualifies. How do I get a loan to complete the library construction?

This can best be done as a hobby. It is not a viable enough project that will attract funding from the bank. It can also be done as an NGO and can be funded through grants.

However I will like to add that most of the business questions centre around business ideas/opportunities and funding . We can partner with EDC to run courses for the women and invite members of the church in different sectors to  speak about their experience . There is also quite a bit of funding out there for women run businesses, especially agriculture, services, manufacturing but women have to be educated on running a business properly, developing business plans , operations, marketing, financial projections etc.